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Single, double, triple sharing, dormitory are available.

Payments must be cleared within 5th of every month. Rs. 10 per day thereafter will be charged a late fee to the boarders if the monthly payment is not made by 5th. if boarder does not pay for 3 consecutive months, ALL INDIA LIFE FOUNDATION/SHANTINEER has right to return the boarder to his/her home and the due monthly payments for 3 months with late fee will be adjusted from the security deposit.




Id and address proof must be submitted at the time of admission. ALL INDIA LIFE FOUNDATION / SHANTINEER provides breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner (including morning & evening tea.)

An attendant will be there to look after the boarders to help to take bath, go to the toilet, taking food medicine etc.

The monthly charge includes food, lodging, laundry, room services, housekeeping, attendant etc.

In case of any medical emergency, ALL INDIA LIFE FOUNDATION/ SHANTINEER will take care of first aid & hospital admission free of cost. Ambulance charges will be borne by the border.

In case any boarder dies in SHANTINEER OLD AGE HOME, the death certificate will be provided by the doctor authorized by SHANTINEER / ALL INDIA LIFE FOUNDATION.


SHANTINEER/ALL INDIA LIFE FOUNDATION will request to family members of the borders to take the dead body within 12 hours. In case family members can't collect the dead body, SHANTINEER /All India Life Foundation has the right to create the body.

Physiotherapy, yoga, counseling, massage is available at extra cost.

At least 3 months notice period is to be given to ALL INDIA LIFE FOUNDATION /"SHANTINEER" before leaving the "OLD AGE HOME". All INDIA LIFE FOUNDATION will refund the full security deposit by the time boarder leaves. If boarders leave with a short notice, ALL INDIA LIFE FOUNDATION will issue the 3 months post dated cheque of full security deposit amount from the date of the notice.

"SHANTINEER" is run & maintained by a self-help group of all India life foundation.

Any complaints of this matter will be under the jurisdiction of Barasat George court.

Boarders are not allowed to the outside of premises. They may leave at their own risk.

If any boarder violates the rules and rules and regulations of the old age home, SHANTINEER / ALL INDIA LIFE FOUNDATION has right to take disciplinary actions.

Outsiders are strictly not allowed inside the premises without permission from all India life foundation.

Boarders can register complain to the old age home in charge.

Haircut, shaving, nail cutter is available at extra cost.

Medicine charges of boarder to be borne by the family.

Monthly two medical checks up to be done by an authorized doctor of "SHANTINEER" or "ALL INDIA LIFE FOUNDATION". In any emergency, doctor on call charges must be borne by the family.